Two Jacked Bros

222: Everyone Is So Human w/ Robbie Goodwin

April 17, 2022

*Audio is wonky for first 21 minutes. My bad.* Robbie Goodwin is a gifted comedian and impressionist as well as a roast battle champion. When it comes to comedy Robbie does it all at high level, from crushing it on stage to rocking faces off with his podcast appearances. He’s already had a podcast rise to fame and disband, and on top of all that, he narrowly avoided the life of an incel. We were lucky enough to get to sit down with this current Young Gun and former Loud Boy and take him through the process of enlightenment so that you can laugh your way to a higher consciousness.  Robbie along of with Mike Figgs host the podcast Young Guns: Robbie Goodwin on Instagram: Two Jacked Bros Intro and Outro music by Circadian Clock: To Listen or Watch:   Two Jacked Bros social media: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Ansley Social Media: Instagram: Sidney social media: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:

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