Two Jacked Bros

90: Unbreakable Broth

November 17, 2019

Hit the ground running with us! Topics include: The difference between Geromes nad Karens; why Sidney thinks inter-racial dating is wrong, a new chapter for the Jacked Bro Household (think something blue), how ADD is a sign of greatness, and so much more. 

We can't thank you enough for either giving us a chance and/or continuing to come back to us each week.

[If there's still time for you, Come out SUNDAY NOVEMBER 17th to the Pittsburgh Improv and watch me open for one of my closest friends/sister Felicia Gillespie as she headlines a Major Club for the first time. Use Promo Code "laugh" to get complimentary tickets!!] 

Intro and outro music by Circadian Clock:

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